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What is PIP Insurance?

PIP insurance stands for Personal Injury Protection. It is an extension of car insurance available in some U.S. states that covers medical expenses and in some cases, lost wages, and other damages. PIP is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage because the statutes enacting it are generally known as no-fault laws, and PIP is designed to be paid without regard to “fault”, or more properly legal liability. PIP is also called “no-fault” because, by definition, a claimant's, or insured's, insurance premium should not increase due to a PIP claim.

PIP is mandatory coverage in some states. The PIP coverage may vary from state to state in terms of what is covered and what types of treatments are covered. In Texas, it is mandatory to have a minimum of $2,500 of PIP insurance, but you can buy more coverage if you want. If you do not want PIP, you must reject it in writing.

What does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Pay? PIP insurance pays the same as medical payments coverage, plus 80 percent of lost income and the cost of hiring a caregiver for an injured person. PIP should cover 100% of necessary medical, surgical, x-ray, dental, prosthetic devices, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing and funeral services. The insurance company may require medical documentation form health care providers that the injuries were as a result of the automobile collision.

The lost wages and medical claims will all come out of the same $2500 pot, so if you have $1500 in medical bills and $1500 in lost wages, you can only recover $2500 and nothing more. Unless, of course you have more than the mandatory $2500 PIP coverage.

Who does PIP cover? PIP covers you, your family members, and any other passengers in your car, regardless of who caused the accident.

When filing a claim for damages under the PIP coverage, it is important to remember that benefits under this provision can be paid before damages under any other policy coverage are paid.

Our attorneys will help you file for the PIP coverage. We will submit them for the insurance company review and follow up with the insurance company until the coverage is paid, usually about 30 days after the claim is submitted.

Processing the PIP claim for our clients is a courtesy service that we provide at no extra charge to our clients if it can be accomplished without litigation.

If you are in an accident, call our law firm at (512) 343-2572 or contact us online. Our attorneys will help you recover your, PIP insurance, medical bills, and lost wages.


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