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Head-on Collision with Drunk Driver

Our client was driving home one night when suddenly, and without warning, a car going in the opposite direction turned and came right at her. She was unable to avoid the car and the resulting collision destroyed both vehicles. The driver was arrested by the police for drunk driving and our client was taken to…

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T-Bone Crash

Our client, a business owner, was driving home from work on Pecan Park Boulevard in Williamson County, Texas. The defendant driver had stopped at an intersection which only allowed the driver to turn left if she was in the left lane, or right if she was in the right lane.  She chose to go straight…

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Two Seperate Accidents

Our client was involved in two separate accidents, the first at the end of March, 2006 and the second at the end of May, 2007. As is usual after someone has been in multiple wrecks, the second accident insurance company always says the problems are due to the first accident. In this case, the first…

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Trial Report – $200,000 Verdict

Case Description Our client, a 50 year old Indian American woman, slipped and fell on wet paint outside the Ulta Store at the Gateway shopping center near 183/360.  Gateway denied liability, pointing to a cone with a “wet paint” sign attached to it in front of the painted area.  Our client testified the cone was…

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Trial Report – $197,000 Verdict

 January 2018 Trial Report – Case Description The at-fault driver was exiting a private driveway onto Lamar which is two lanes in either direction.  A car was turning left out of that same driveway and she was parked to the right of it.  For whatever reason, she turned right into the first lane and then…

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