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Andrew Traub is one of the top personal injury lawyers in Austin, Texas. Contact us today to see if Andrew can help you.


Can you help me with my injury?

Here are the types of cases we can help with:

Serious Injuries

We have represented hundreds of people with serious injuries. Serious injuries are those which have one or more of the following factors: severe pain, permanent pain, and disabling pain.

Vehicle Accidents

The most common type of accidents we help people with is those involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

Other Accidents

The Traub Law Office has had great success in recovering full compensation for people injured in slip and fall accidents, dog bites, or due to defective products.

Spinal Injuries

The most common type of injury in a car wreck is to the spine and can last a few months or be with the victim for the rest of their life.

Can I Afford You?

Yes. In fact, you won't pay us a dime unless we recover money for you. We will spend our money to work up your case for things like ordering medical records, filing a lawsuit, serving the negligent person and/or company, court reporter fees, and hiring any necessary experts. If we lose, you don't have to pay us back for those expenses either. If we obtain some money for you, we take a percentage of that total recovery and our fees are reimbursed.

We do not take any fees for any recovery of your property damage. We just help you with that for free.

Why Choose Traub Law?

Experienced Texas Injury Lawyers

A car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle crash changes your life. The means to support your family through adequate means of transportation and employment could be put in jeopardy. It could mean steep medical bills attached to life-long injuries. It could mean a loss of income from work that puts you in a financial nightmare. Worst of all, insurance companies may refuse the compensation promised by a policy or may refuse it altogether.

If you are seriously injured, don't let the insurance company take advantage of you. They will try get you to settle for a lot less than your claim is worth. You could be just as badly off with an inexperienced lawyer. An inexperienced lawyer is someone who does not practice regularly in the area of personal injury law (tort law). Even those who practice regularly may not actually take cases to trial, so you should definitely learn about the lawyer you are going to hire.

We try personal injury lawsuits. Why is that important? Because insurance companies keep track of who just bluffs and who is willing to go all in. Every trial represents a potential blockbuster verdict against the insurance company. Even a trial which exceeds the amount the insurance company is willing to pay will cause them to think twice when faced with that lawyer again.

We can help reclaim your life.

Traub Law Office assists people who have been placed in these situations by no fault of their own. The negligence of others, such as careless dog owners and distracted drivers, is liable and must accept the accidents.

Austin, Texas personal injury lawyer Andrew Traub has helped Texans put their lives back on track by dealing with stingy insurance companies and negligent businesses and individuals who have caused harm to others. We provide a free book for those injured to understand their rights, and, if your case qualifies, we work to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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