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Texas Supreme Court – No More Free Bites

Last Friday, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Texas’ “first free bite” rule (allowing a dog owner to escape most legal liability if a previously gentle dog attacks) does not free owners of the responsibility of stopping an attack once it occurs. The so-called first-free-bite rule penalizes an owner who knows their pet is…

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Dog kills 3-week-old girl

A family’s pit bull was found with blood around its mouth near a 3-week-old baby who died with bite marks on her, police say. Susannah Murray was left alone Thursday night in a bounce chair when adults went on the porch. An adult came into check on her five minutes later and saw she was…

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Manor Boy Attacked by Pit Bull

Manor police say a 7-year-old boy was the victim of an unprovoked dog attack on Monday night. Police said the child was playing in the yard of a home in the 14400 block of Callan Court around 8:08 p.m. when the dog, a pit bull mix, ran out of a residence as its owner opened…

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Dogs maul man to death, injures his wife

An 81-year-old man is dead and his wife, 74, was in critical condition after the couple was mauled by dogs Friday in San Antonio, officials said. The dog’s owner, Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, has been charged with dangerous dog attack resulting in death and injury to an elderly person-criminal negligence. Moreno, who was arrested Friday…

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Unleashed Terror: A Round Rock Resident’s Nightmare

On a seemingly calm evening in Round Rock, a local woman, Maria Perez, 55, experienced a harrowing dog attack that required over 60 stitches. The incident occurred while she was enjoying her usual evening stroll with her 7-year-old nephew. Without warning, three unleashed mixed-breed dogs bolted from a neighbor’s residence, initially rushing towards the young…

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Dog Attack Leaves Toddler with Severe Injuries in East Austin

Recently, an alarming incident in East Austin has highlighted the serious consequences of dog attacks. A young toddler, referred to as CJ, was viciously attacked by a dog right in his own driveway. This traumatic event, captured on a doorbell camera, shows the intense struggle as CJ’s mother, Chante Wright-Haywood, fought to protect her son…

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