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Depending on the position and severity of the break, a broken bone can alter a person’s life forever. A broken bone can hurt surrounding tissue, veins, or organs.  Even a seemingly modest injury to the bone can have long-term consequences. The seriousness of this type of injury makes hiring experienced Austin bone fracture injury lawyers important. For example, over time a person may develop injuries to adjacent bones or soft tissue or develop traumatic arthritis that causes pain and limits mobility.

When this kind of incident is caused by an accident, particularly a vehicle accident, seeking the help from Austin bone fracture injury lawyers is crucial. Assessing the circumstances surrounding the event to determine who was at fault is necessary when determining culpability for a broken bone injury sustained in a car accident. Here are the steps typically involved in determining liability:

  1. Gather Evidence: Gather as much information about the incident as possible about the scene.
  2. Witness Statements: Ask for the contact information of any witnesses who observed the accident that happened. An understanding of the accident’s cause and potential perpetrators can be gained from witness testimony.
  3. Police Report: Obtain a copy of the police report if law enforcement was called to the scene. The circumstances of the accident, including any citations given to the relevant parties, are usually included in this report.
  4. Review Traffic Laws: Learn about any applicable traffic laws and regulations that may impact the collision. Check to see whether anyone involved broke any traffic regulations, like failing to yield the right of way, speeding, or running a red light.
  5. Assess Vehicle Damage: Examine the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident. Sometimes damage patterns might reveal the cause of an accident as well as who might have been at fault.
  6. Expert Analysis: Consider hiring accident reconstruction experts or other professionals who can analyze the evidence and provide expert opinions on liability. These professionals can reconstruct the collision using certain methodologies to ascertain elements like vehicle speeds, braking distances, and impact spots.
  7. Insurance Investigation: The insurance firms of the parties involved in the accident will carry out independent investigations to ascertain liability if there are any insurance claims related to the incident. Be sure to cooperate with your insurance company and provide them with any relevant information or evidence. You can report the wreck to the other driver’s insurance company if you think the other driver caused the accident.
  8. Legal Consultation: Seek advice from Austin bone fracture injury lawyers with experience in auto accidents.

Austin bone fracture injury lawyers may analyze the specifics of your case, determine who is liable, and counsel you with your legal alternatives. They can also represent you in court if needed or there are negotiations with insurance providers.

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The Austin bone fracture injury lawyers at The Traub Law Office, P.C. have experience handling orthopedic (bone injury) cases and have represented people who have suffered a broken neck, broken back, broken skull, broken arms, broken legs, broken ribs, and/or hand and wrist fractures.

About Bone Injuries

Bones can be broken in several different ways:

  • A complete fracture means the bone cracks into two separate pieces;
  • An incomplete fracture means the bone breaks, but not into pieces;
  • A single fracture means the bone is cracked in only one place;
  • A compound fracture or open fracture refers to a broken bone that breaks the skin;
  • A simple fracture includes transverse, oblique, impacted, stress, and hairline;
  • Broken bones in the neck and back can cause paralysis.

A broken bone or bone fracture may be caused by:

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