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Radiating Pain

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Radiating pain is common after a car wreck. Pain may be caused by damaged inter-vertebral discs or plates. These are cartilaginous structures which pad the places where one vertebral bone meets with the next. These plates serve to cushion the movements of the spine and make it easy to effortlessly flex the spine.

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Damage to the muscles around the spine to become weak. This leads to increase in the pressure on the spine and thereby on the discs (present in between two vertebrae) causing some pressure on the nerves leading to the radiating pain.

Back pain is commonly localized around the spine; it can be in the cervical (neck), thoracic (chest), or lumbar (lower back) region. Unlike headache and joint pain, its intensity is low. Generally, back pain, based on the reason, is characterized as dull, burning or shooting. In some cases, it radiates from the origin point to legs and hands, and may have elements of paresthesia–tingling or tickling of skin.

Back pain can originate from back muscles, bones, nerves, structural elements of the spine, and joints. In some cases, the compounding effect of the problems can lead to the back problem. Therefore, a simple ointment for back pain may not give enough relief.

People who have had car accidents and have had to undergo surgery on their spine may still experience pain long after the surgery has been conducted and the incisions have healed. This manifestation of pain may be due to scar tissues which have grown into nerve branches and are exerting unnecessary pressure on them.

It is entirely possible that during the treatment of injuries due to car accidents, the attention of the physician was directed to the more serious damage of fractured bones. It will not be until the operation has long healed that problems caused by ruptured inter-vertebral discs will become evident.

To relieve the patient of pain caused in this manner, it is often effective to just remove substances coming from the damaged discs which have protruded into the central canal of the spinal column.

Back pain is a modern epidemic. Surveys suggest that it affects 80 per cent of us at some time and it's a massive drain on resources. Grasping the immense effect back pain has on our lives, it is of paramount importance to hire an experienced serious personal injury lawyer if your back was hurt in an accident.

One important step to undertake is back pain relief exercises. These exercises are generally easy to integrate into our daily routine and also do not require any special equipment. Stretching, mobilizing, factional movements and yoga are a form of lower back pain relief exercises.

Of course exercise alone is not enough when dealing with lower back pain. It is necessary to deal with the root cause of the problem. See your doctor if you are experiencing radiating pain in your neck or back.

The other thing to keep in mind is how to prevent lower back pain from crippling your lifestyle. If you do have back pain it is important to make sure you learn to use preventative measure in your daily routine as much as possible.

These tips although helpful in dealing with radiating pain should not be the only thing in your arsenal for the search of pain relief. The most important thing is to deal with the causes of the radiating pain.

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