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Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, tingling, and numbness in your hand from pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. The impact of auto accidents can cause or aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), leading to wrist trauma. It’s advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney for carpal tunnel syndrome in TX to understand your legal rights and options for pursuing a claim. A person may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, including medical expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome in TX, if the car accident was due to someone else’s negligence.

Lawyers for carpal tunnel syndrome in TX specialize in representing individuals who have developed this condition due to workplace factors, such as repetitive motions or ergonomic issues. Their role for carpal tunnel syndrome in TX is to assess the circumstances surrounding the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, gather evidence to support their clients’ claims, and pursue legal action against employers or other responsible parties for compensation.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due to an Auto Accident

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The carpal tunnel which houses the median nerve and tendons, is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligaments and tendons at the base of the hand. The thickening from irritated tendons or other swelling narrows the tunnel and causes the median nerve to be compressed. This may show up as pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist. It can also radiate up the arm.

Car accidents can cause trauma-induced carpal tunnel syndrome according to Dr. Elliot L. Ames. Ames is a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the Division of Orthopedic Surgery, School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, New Jersey. If you believe the accident was due to someone’s negligence, consulting with a lawyer for carpal tunnel syndrome in TX can be beneficial for you. Attorneys for carpal tunnel syndrome in TX can look into your accident and collect any pertinent documentation, including witness accounts, police reports, medical records, and other evidence. They may also offer free initial consultations, so you can discuss your case without any financial commitment upfront.

carpal tunnel syndrome in TX

The injury can occur when the hand is braced on the steering wheel at the time of a front or rear-end collision. The base of the thumb can be injured by the steering wheel and the carpal tunnel is near the base of the thumb. It is reasonable to determine that the carpal tunnel takes blunt trauma during impact.

Symptoms may not occur immediately after the accident. In a study published by Gregory Mack M.D., Scott McPherson M.D., and Bruce Lutz M.D., symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome developed in 96 patients within 2 months or later following a car accident.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be diagnosed with two different tests. The first test is the Tinel test, where the doctor taps on or presses on the median nerve in the patient’s wrist. If there is tingling in the fingers or a shock-like sensation, then the test is positive.

The second test is the Phalen or wrist-flexion test. This involves having the patient hold his or her forearms upright by pointing the fingers down and pressing the backs of the hands together. Carpal tunnel syndrome is present if one or more of the symptoms are present such as tingling and numbness are felt in the fingers within one minute.

The diagnosis can be confirmed with the use of an electrodiagnostic test or nerve conduction study where the electrodes are placed on the hand and wrist. Small electric shocks are applied and the speed with which the nerve transmits impulses is measured. Electromyography is where a fine needle is inserted into a muscle. Electrical activity viewed on a screen can determine how severe the damage is to the median nerve. Ultrasound imaging can show impaired movement of the median nerve as well.

If you have pain, tingling, and numbness in your wrist or arm seek medical attention right away. If you are told it is your back or neck causing this pain, you should get a second opinion. It might not be your back at all, but you might have carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a recent car accident.

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