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Distracted driving is easily one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. It’s hazardous and significantly increases the risk of collisions, accidents, and fatalities. When someone is injured in an incident caused by a distracted driver, they may seek legal advice from an Austin distracted driving lawyer.

A distracted driver’s attention is diverted from their primary task of driving. Distractions could come in different forms, like visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Anything that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the steering wheel, and diverts your focus from driving puts the driver and other people on the road’s safety at risk.

In Texas, distracted driving is a serious traffic offense. The state has laws specifically targeting distracted driving. Texting while driving is banned in Texas. A driver or vehicle operator using a portable wireless communication device is only allowed when the motor vehicle is stopped.

Negligent drivers may receive citations or charges under one of the primary statutes, the Texas Transportation Codes 545.425 and 545.4251, for a distracted driving offense. Violators of the offense could also face criminal charges in cases where serious accidents causing injury or death occur.

Drivers need to comply with and be aware of traffic laws in Texas to ensure their safety and the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles. Additionally, seeking legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve and represent people facing distracted driving charges.

Punitive Damages May be Available

A distracted driving accident is completely avoidable, yet occurs far too often. Studies show that drivers who are distracted can be as or more dangerous than drunk drivers. People reading or sending text messages, browsing the internet, and talking on the phone while operating heavy equipment are a threat to everyone on the road.

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The Impact of Distracted Driving Accidents in Austin

Distracted driving accidents have a profound impact on the Austin community, contributing to a significant portion of road incidents each year.

According to recent statistics, Austin has seen a concerning rise in accidents caused by distracted driving, with factors such as texting, talking on the phone, and other distractions playing a prominent role.

These accidents not only result in property damage and injuries but also tragically claim lives. Beyond the immediate physical harm, they disrupt families, strain emergency services, and burden the healthcare system.

The consequences of distracted driving extend far beyond the individuals directly involved in the accidents, affecting the entire community’s safety and well-being.

Distracted Driving Accident – Deadly Consequences

Nationwide, more than 15 people are killed and 1,200 injured every day in accidents involving distracted drivers, according to 2009 figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you have been injured by a distracted driver or if a family member suffered a wrongful death because someone else made the decision to not pay attention, please contact an Austin accident attorney at The Traub Law Office today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Austin Distracted Driving Lawyer Andrew Traub says: “A distracted driver’s insurance company may try to make sure your injury claim is as lengthy, complicated, and expensive for you as possible. They may use intimidation to try and convince you not to pursue your claim and to discourage you from seeking the advice of an experienced trial attorney. Insurance companies often deny responsibility, even in cases of clear liability and outrageous conduct while the injured party’s family faces a lifetime of pain, suffering, and financial loss. Victims of a distracted driver’s negligence owe it to themselves and to society to hold the distracted driver responsible.”

We are experienced in representing victims of distracted drivers and helping them recover financial compensation for the damages they have suffered.

A distracted driving accident is the very definition of negligence. Those who don’t pay attention while driving knowingly put others at risk. We have seen the tragic results of the reckless decision to drive without watching where the driver is going. A distracted driving accident can leave victims permanently disabled, paralyzed, brain damaged, or dead. We aggressively pursue compensation on behalf of distracted driving accident victims.

In light of these challenges, having an experienced Austin distracted driving lawyer in your corner becomes paramount, as they possess the expertise and resources necessary to navigate the legal complexities and fight for justice on behalf of victims.

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People involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver in Texas can speak to an Austin distracted driving lawyer immediately by calling us at (512) 246-9191 or completing the form.

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