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Man killed in hit and run

Austin police said Monday that 60- year-old Robert Macklin was killed when a vehicle hit him about 5 p.m. Saturday as he crossed Dessau Road at Rundberg Lane.

Police said Sunday that a Chevrolet pickup was driving north on Dessau when it struck Macklin. But officials said Monday that further investigation has found that a different car hit Macklin first.

Macklin was struck by a car, which stopped but then fled the scene, officials said. The second vehicle, a Chevrolet pickup driven by Israel Hernandez Nieva, struck Macklin as he lay in the road, police said. Hernandez-Nieva, 27, was charged Sunday with driving while intoxicated.

Anyone with information about the in cident is asked to call detectives at 974-4506. It was Austin's 61st traffic fatality of 2009.

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