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Three die in collision on I-35 in North Texas

A tractor-trailer slammed into backed-up traffic on Interstate 35 near the Texas-Oklahoma border on Monday, killing three people.

Practical Tip

Just because you were hurt doesn’t mean you are entitled to money.  You must prove that someone else was negligent and that it was their negligence or carelessness which caused your injury.  If you fail to do both, you lose.  If you sue the wrong person, you lose.  If you wait too long to sue, you lose.  If you had an injury BEFORE the accident, then you are entitled to be compensated to the extent your injury is now worse.

Andrew Traub

The wreck occured on a section of I-35 where two lanes narrow to one because of work being done on a bridge, about two miles southwest of Gainesville and about thirteen miles south of the border with Oklahoma.

The 18-wheeler, being driven by James Crayton, 59, of Dallas apparently never slowed down before slamming into the rear car of the jam.

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