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UPS must pay $75 million to Missouri family hit by truck

A jury found UPS Inc. must pay a Missouri family $75million, after a company driver with a known history of drug abuse collided with a pregnant woman’s car, causing her baby to be born with permanent brain damage.

In May 2018, Steven Ray Miller was driving a UPS truck and ran a red light, hitting a car driven by Jodi Pannell, who was 13 weeks pregnant, according to trial testimony.

Pannell’s son was born in October 2018 with hypotonia, which is low muscle tone, and was later found to have a brain condition called schizencephaly, The Kansas City Star reported.

A Clay County jury on Monday found that UPS should pay the family $65million in damages and $10.3million in interest. UPS has not determined whether it will appeal the verdict, according to a company spokesman.

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