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Progressive Spying on Car Wreck Victims

In August, the Atlanta Journal Constitution broke a story about Progressive Insurance Company’s use of private investigators in a shocking manner. The story, which is unfortunately no longer available online, stated as follows: When a new couple arrived at Southside Christian Fellowship in August 2005, members welcomed them with open arms. Soon, the new couple…

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Not Like a Good Neighbor

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said that his office has settled its dispute with State Farm Insurance Cos. over how the insurer handled Hurricane Katrina damage claims in Mississippi.  State Farm has complied with a 2007 agreement by reopening some claims and agreeing to pay more than $74 million more to policyholders whose homes were…

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Drive Less, Save on Insurance

A Dallas-based company is offering Texans auto insurance by the mile. MileMeter, which is targeting people who drive fewer than 12,000 miles a year, is the only company offering mileage-based insurance in Texas despite a law passed in 2001 that encourages such a plan. MileMeter charges from 3 to 20 cents per mile, depending on…

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Dallas Starts Towing Uninsured Vehicles

The City of Dallas has begun in earnest with the new policy of towing the vehicles of uninsured motorists. I hope the Austin Police copy this tactic and that word spreads quickly and greatly reduces the number of drivers who don’t carry the mandatory auto liability coverage. This would be a great benefit to our…

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Family wins suit against insurer

A driver who led police on a high-speed chase in 1999, smashing into a family car and badly injuring a young boy near San Marcos, did not void his insurance policy by acting in a dangerous manner, the Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday. Nationwide Insurance had claimed that it did not have to pay the…

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Another reason for the increased cost of medical insurance

A McAllen cardiologist who sent medical assistants and untrained employees around South Texas in a recreational vehicle to offer “free” diagnoses and treatment – only to later bill the federal government – has pleaded guilty to health care fraud. Dr. Fabian Aurignac billed the federal Medicaid and Medicare programs thousands of dollars for services unlicensed…

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Does State Farm owe Texans $1 Billion?

State official to determine if insurer overcharged customers, by how much Pick a dollar amount between zero and 1 billion. Depending on whom you ask, that’s what State Farm Insurance owes its Texas customers for overcharging on homeowner policies dating to 2003. The Office of Public Insurance Counsel, the state’s consumer advocate for insurance, says…

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Texans losing health coverage

Every month, 24,070 Texans lose their health care coverage, according to a report released Wednesday by an advocacy group. The report by Families USA, which is an advocate for quality, affordable health coverage for all Americans, comes as Congress is weighing, health care reforms pushed by President Barack Obama. The report says that between January…

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Who is really in the driver's seat?

About a month ago, I had to take the deposition of a driver that had caused an accident.  I really ticked off his attorney when I asked him the following questions: Q: Are you aware that, after the accident, my client had blood in his urine for a few days? A:    No. Q: Are you aware that,…

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Study links trauma deaths, lack of insurance

Patients who lack health insurance are more likely to die from car wrecks and other traumatic injuries than people who belong to a health plan, even though emergency rooms are required to care for all patients. regardless of ability to pay, according to a study to be published today. An analysis of 687,091 patients who…

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