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Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) selectively applies brakes to individual wheels to help keep the vehicle under control when swerving to avoid an accident or cornering on slippery pavement, and it can help a vehicle stay out of a situation that could lead to a rollover. By model year 2012, the government will require automakers to…

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We've come a long way

Yesterday I wrote about Electronic Stability Control and how Consumer Reports calls it the greatest safety advance since seat belts. Last night I read a Wall Street Journal article entitled “Unsafe at Any Speed, With Any Driver, On Any Kind of Road.”  It is a fascinating look back at how lax safety standards used to…

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Some midsize cars show improvement in crash tests

Several midsize cars have made improvements in protecting motorists in side crashes because of improvements in design and adding side airbags, the insurance industry reports. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test results gave top scores in front-end and side-impact crashes to the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, Saturn Aura, Dodge Avenger, Nissan Altima, Infiniti G35,…

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Study: Weight and Fitness Both Matter

New research by Harvard-affiliated researches which appears in the Archive of Internal Medicine challenges the notion that you can be fat and fit which found that being active can lower but not eliminate heart risks faced by heavy women. Previous research has gone back and forth on whether exercise or weight has a greater influence…

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Restrain Yourself, Texas Warns Drivers

Brent Dillard and seven of his friends were heading to the season’s first Pflugerville High School football game last year. Most of his friends were Wearing seat belts when a car sideswiped their SUV and sent them rolling down a ditch. But the two girls who were not buckled up were ejected out the back…

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Renewing Your Driver's License? Prove Your Legal Status

Immigrants must now prove they are in the United States legally to obtain new driver’s licenses and identification cards, which will indicate their status, under new Texas Department of Public Safety rules. Because driver’s licenses can be used to gain access to bank accounts, board airplanes and enter various government buildings, the new rules are…

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New Software Helps Reduce Car Crashes

Several states, including California and New York, have introduced laws against talking on a cell phone while driving, but they still allow the use of hands-free devices, such as Bluetooth headsets.  However, studies have shown that hands-free devices may not help.  It appears that it is the distraction of dialing or talking that is dangerous,…

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Immigrants Challenge Driver's License Rules

An Austin woman and two others claim in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Travis County that new Department of Public Safety driver’s license requirements for noncitizens discriminate against them, even though they are legally in the United States. The women, who are represented by the Texas Civil Rights Project are identified in the state District…

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3 Big Pickups Don't Deliver Good Side Protection

Three large pickup trucks that serve as workhorses for construction crews, farmers and small-business owners are not providing good protection from side crashes, according to tests conducted by the insurance industry which struck the side of the vehicles with a barrier moving at 31 miles per hour to imitate the front end of a pickup…

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'Talk and Die' Syndrome

Here is an excellent article on what can happen if you incur serious trauma to the head after an accident. The key take-away points are to immediately seek medical assistance if you Went unconscious for any length of time Headaches, weakness or balance problems nausea or vomiting And if you need legal represenation after an…

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