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Can I Fire My Lawyer?

I Am Not Satisfied With My Lawyer, Can I Fire Him? If I Do, Will I Owe Him Any Money

One thing we’re asked a lot is to give a second opinion on a pending personal injury claim. This usually occurs after someone has hired an attorney but are starting to feel something just isn’t right. Many times, they are having an issue with their lawyer, like their lawyer won’t help them with the property damage claim, isn’t keeping them informed on what’s going on with their case, or isn’t returning their calls.

Since most advertising is garbage and gives you absolutely nothing with which to compare personal injury lawyers, many people have not educated themselves about what it takes to be a truly qualified Texas personal injury lawyer.

So, you end up wanting to fire your lawyer.

Most people that come through my door usually have several questions:

  1. Can I consult with another attorney before firing my current lawyer?
  2. Am I allowed to fire my lawyer?
  3. If I fire my lawyer and I have agreed to pay the lawyer a contingent fee, do I owe him any money?
  4. If I fire my lawyer, can the lawyer keep my file until I pay my bill?
  5. Even if I owe the lawyer some money, can I get the insurance company to just pay me the settlement and I’ll decide when to pay the lawyer ?
  6. Are there any conditions upon which a lawyer can’t be fired?
  7. My lawyer left his firm? Whose client am I now?

It can be difficult to fire your lawyer once you’ve signed an agreement with him and he or she has put in work on your case. That’s why it’s important to do your research to determine what makes a quality lawyer and find the best lawyer for your Texas automobile accident case. It takes work, but it’s worth it in the end.

We have taken over several cases where the client wasn’t satisfied with the prior lawyer for whatever reason and the client was very happy, but we can’t do it in all cases and would need to see your agreement and learn what’s going on before we can help you.

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