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Jackson MS Police Brutality Leads to $400M Lawsuit & Policy Changes

In Jackson, Mississippi, a disturbing incident of police brutality led to significant policy changes in the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. The department faced a $400 million lawsuit after six officers were criminally charged for torturing Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker, an act described by Sheriff Bryan Bailey as the worst case of police brutality he had witnessed. The officers, who called themselves the “Goon Squad,” unlawfully entered a house and subjected Jenkins and Parker to a brutal 90-minute assault involving stun guns, racial slurs, and a mock execution.

Following this incident, the department implemented new policies, including hiring an internal affairs investigator, mandating body cameras for officers, and establishing an online portal for civilian complaints. These changes, effective from November 20, appeared to be an attempt by Sheriff Bailey to limit liability in the lawsuit and potentially avoid further federal investigations. Attorney Malik Shabazz, representing Jenkins and Parker, criticized the timing and motivation behind these changes, indicating a lack of prior oversight in handling excessive force claims within the department.

the cost of police brutality

This case highlights systemic issues within the department, with a history of violent encounters with Black men since 2019, leading to deaths and serious injuries. The legal team for Jenkins and Parker is pursuing a jury trial and a more extensive federal investigation into the department’s practices, underscoring the need for accountability and reform in cases of police misconduct and brutality​

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