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Brain injuries can be devastating for the person injured and their caregivers, yet these types of injuries are harder to prove and are often not adequately diagnosed. That’s why you need to hire experienced brain injury lawyers right away.

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I once handled a crash where my client threw up at the scene of the collision and then started having headaches soon thereafter. She ultimately ended up needing major surgery only to have her employer (who was also her insurance company) claim that the problem was there before the crash.

Another client’s doctors have diagnosed her with chronic, permanent headaches due to her collision and she’ll need treatment for the rest of her life. These types of injuries can be very serious.

If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, it’s possible that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to severe and are caused by an injury to the head from blunt trauma or acceleration or deceleration forces common in an automobile collision – in fact, your head doesn’t even have to strike something in the car to suffer from one – you can have this type of injury just from the brain being pushed against the skull (think of a shaken baby).

Practical Tip

You usually have two years from the date you were injured to either settle your case or file a lawsuit. Exceptions do exist and should be discussed with a lawyer.

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The most common injury is mild traumatic brain injury (“MTBI”), commonly known as a concussion. A concussion can result from even a relatively minor car wreck and symptoms can include loss of consciousness and blank spots or blackout in your memory.

Even “minor” brain injury is catastrophic because it changes a person’s life. It is called “mild” only because it’s not life-threatening, and because doctors used to think that it involves metabolic rather than physical damage. But “mild” brain injury affects every hour of a person’s (and her family’s) life. The problems grow worse over time. Mental senility sets in years sooner. And brain damage, mild or otherwise, renders the brain eggshell vulnerable to future trauma, including low-level impacts that otherwise would have caused no harm.

Diagnosing concussions can be particularly difficult because symptoms are similar to other medical problems and are often overlooked. Signs and symptoms of an injury to your brain may include attention difficulties, concentration problems, memory problems, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, irritability, depression, anxiety, loss of initiative, and/ or problems related to your employment.

A mild concussion can be very serious. According to a recent paper from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an MTBI can lead to significant, life-long impairment in your ability to function physically, cognitively, and/or psychologically. Some long-term problems include persistent headaches, confusion, pain, memory problems, fatigue, changes in sleep patterns, mood changes, and/or vision or hearing changes. Proper diagnosis, referral, and patient/family education are critical for helping a concussion victim achieve optimal recovery and to avoid or reduce these life-long problems.

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