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Facial Disfigurement or Scars

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During a car accident, facial disfigurement or scars can occur in different ways. Airbags deploy with high force leading to facial injury and burns. The front windshield is made of a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inserted between two layers of solid glass. The front windshield is designed to crack but not shatter. Side and rear windows, however, are not shatter-resistant. Debris can still be expelled from the front windshield depending on the force applied to it. Flying glass is often a cause of facial disfigurement and scars. Other items in the car which are not fixed can become flying hazards in a crash.

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Seek medical attention immediately if you have been exposed to injuries. Medical professionals will assess the state of your face and apply stitches. The stitches will help your skin to heal. Scars may be left behind. If scars develop, consult with a plastic surgeon about your treatment options. Your facial disfigurement or scars lawyer will include the cost of the plastic surgery with your claim.

Common facial injuries which can lead to facial disfigurement or scars include the following:


In an accident, you may be exposed to deep cuts. For example, you may be cut by window glass if you are involved in a head-on collision car crash, or even if hit from behind. The metal parts of the car can cut your face if the force of the crash causes them to intrude into the car.


The face is made up of several bones which can be broken if you are exposed to trauma during a car crash. If the car does not have airbags or they do not deploy (common in rear-end collisions), the head or face might hit the steering wheel. Bones may not fuse together properly even after treatment which can leave the victim disfigured. If you have any sort of fracture from a car accident, you need to hire an experienced broken bone attorney.

Eye injuries

Flying debris during a car accident might strike the eyes. Eye injuries may lead to blindness or even disfigurement of the face. If you are experiencing sensitivity to light, blurry vision, or nausea, this is often a symptom of a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion, and not an eye injury. However, it would be wise to ask your doctor about the possibility of an eye injury if you remember anything coming into contact with your face. Consult with an eye-injury attorney if you suffer any loss of vision from a crash.

Practical Tip

Question to ask the insurance adjuster: Why do I have to give you a recorded statement when you can get information about the accident from the police report?

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Sometimes a car can be involved in an accident, and it ends up catching fire. Deploying airbags also can cause a burn on the arms or face. If you are trapped in a crushed, burning car, you may be exposed to scarring and disfigurement.

There are three primary types of burns: first-, second-, and third-degree. Each degree is based on the severity of damage to the skin, with first-degree being the most minor and third-degree being the most severe. Damage includes:

  • first-degree burns: red, nonblistered skin
  • second-degree burns: blisters and some thickening of the skin
  • third-degree burns: widespread thickness with a white, leathery appearance

There are also fourth-degree burns. This type of burn includes all of the symptoms of a third-degree burn and also extends beyond the skin into tendons and bones.

Treatment options which the doctor can apply include skin grafting among other procedures.

Hire a burn injury lawyer if you suffered a burn due to someone else’s carelessness.

Soft tissue injuries

Muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons can be exposed to injury during an accident. A cut to a facial muscle can leave a victim with impaired facial function and deformities. The deformities may be permanent or may be treated with plastic surgery.

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