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A shoulder injury is a serious injury, especially if the rotator cuff is torn which can occur in a car when the seat-belt catches the occupant during the rebound phase (in a rear-end accident) or when a motorcyclist has to lay down his bike to avoid a worse motorcycle collision.  If you've suffered such an injury, consider consulting with a shoulder injury lawyer.

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Shoulder injuries can take a lifetime to heal, making recovery for them more difficult as suit or settlement has to be made within the first two years.  Proper documentation of the injuries and future care by the treating doctor is vital.  Typical treatment involves a lot of physical therapy but may ultimately require surgery.

Because of the importance of the shoulder and the slow recovery time, many victims cannot work until they are well healed, and the healing process can be quite painful.

While a shoulder injury may not be catastrophic in the same way that a spinal cord injury is, it is nonetheless a serious situation for a patient whose lifestyle is significantly affected for a long time.

An effective injury claim in the case of a shoulder injury often requires determined advocacy from an experienced shoulder injury lawyer.

Beware of Defense Tactics

Defense lawyers and adjusters usually claim that a shoulder injury was caused by a person's occupation rather than an accident or vice-versa. Some insurance companies blame victims, saying their injuries occurred because they were overweight, when in fact, the injuries were the result of someone else's negligence.

Hire an Experienced Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Establishing causation is a fundamental component of a successful shoulder injury case. We are committed to obtaining the compensation our clients need and deserve. The Traub Law Office, P.C., is dedicated to achieving fair outcomes for injured clients who face expenses and losses, including:

We have represented clients with herniated disks and shoulder injuries resulting from motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes.

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