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Here’s an interesting website about Farmer’s Insurance Group created by an ex-Senior claims adjuster for Farmer’s.

Among his claims:

Farmers Insurance Automatically Cut 20 Percent from Claims “As a former senior claims adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange and a nationally recognized claims practices expert, I know firsthand to what lengths insurance companies will go to save money by not paying claims. Many insurance companies tie employee salaries and bonuses to practices that encourage and condone the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims.”-Robert Dietz

According to the website, Robert Dietz was a Senior Claims Adjuster for Farmers Insurance Exchange from 1987 until 2001. According to Robert, Farmers Insurance used Colossus to “automatically cut 20 percent from what they know they owe on a claim.”

The site contains video of Robert talking about Farmer’s and a link to an article by a Seattle newspaper about Farmer’s use of computer software called Collosus to lowball people injured in car wrecks.  That article, in turn, names Mr. Dietz as a whistleblower.

Adjusters’ scores, determined by how much of the company’s money they pay out, are posted in the office. The company would also offer monthly incentives to pay less. Typical prizes were $25 gift certificates or a pizza party for an adjuster and her team.

“They were such small things,” Christy Klein, a former Allstate and Farmer’s adjuster said. “We were supposed to get you back where you belong, but we kept their lives in ruin for such small things.”

They were also taught how to dissuade people from hiring a lawyer in the first place. Adjusters, he added, were evaluated annually of this talent. Whenever adjusters “allowed” claimants to retain an attorney, they had to fill out a form to explain to supervisors how they let it happen.

Here is a list of issues cited by Mr. Dietz on his site:

    • According to State Department of Insurance reports Farmers Insurance has the MOST COMPLAINTS in California, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona, Colorado and more!
    • Consumer Reports rates Farmers Insurance homeowner insurance “Worse” for both “Problems with Claim” and “Delayed Payments”.
    • Better Business Bureau assigned Farmers Insurance an “F”, its worst rating.
    • J.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it’s Worst Rating for Collision Repair “Overall Experience“, “Claim Settlement“, “Claim Representative” and “Claim Process & Procedures”
    • FBIC rates Farmers Insurance: One Of The 5 Worst U.S. Bad Faith Insurer Records.
    • In Consumer Report’s ratings of overall satisfaction with auto insurance companies, Farmers Insurance was one of the Worst!
    • In a Consumer Reports survey Farmers Insurance was one of the “Poorest Performers” in paying off claims in 30 days or less.
    • J.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it’s Worst Rating for Auto Insurance “Claims Handling” and “Pricing”.
    • J.D Power and Associates gives Farmers Insurance it’s Worst Rating for Homeowners Insurance “Pricing”.
    • Body Shops rate Farmers Insurance worst.
    • Collision repair shops rated Farmers Insurance below-average with a grade of D plus or worse.

Visit the site and you’ll also see victim stories, how to file a complaint against an insurance company, highlighted complaints, a list of companies affiliated with Farmers Insurance, and more.

If you’ve been injured and the other driver has Farmer’s Insurance, you’ll want to speak to an experienced, personal injury trial lawyer about your options.  Call the Traub Law Office, P.C. today at (512) 343-2572 or contact us online.

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