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The screeching of tires. The crunching of metal. The fear and the sudden moment of terror when you realize you and your passengers aren’t okay. If you’ve been involved in a Texas car accident, you know what this feels like all too well. Every year, Texas car accidents result in serious injuries. If you have been injured in an auto accident, let the Austin car accident lawyers at The Traub Law Office, help you get compensation for your pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

No one should have to endure the hardships of being injured in an auto accident, but sadly many people are faced with such pain every day. Because the insurance agencies aren’t willing to give injured auto accident victims what they rightfully deserve as compensation for their injuries and resulting expenses, car accident lawyers like those at The Traub Law office dedicate their professional careers to fighting such injustice. If you’ve been injured and feel you could benefit from the assistance of experienced Austin car accident lawyers, let us take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Why hire an Austin Car Accident Lawyers?

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Wondering how hiring a Texas personal injury lawyer could benefit you? Here are a few points to consider. First and foremost, you have enough on your mind as you focus on healing from your injuries, attending doctor’s appointments, caring for family members, trying to return to work, buying a replacement car, and paying the bills that have resulted from the accident. You don’t need to be burdened with negotiating with the insurance adjuster and getting the runaround whenever you call. By hiring Austin car accident lawyers like those at The Traub Law Office, you will have someone knowledgeable in these matters on your side and ready to speak on your behalf with your best interests at heart.

Additionally, by hiring a personal injury lawyer whose practice is dedicated to injury law, you’ll have someone helping you evaluate your case and identify all the areas for which you can pursue compensation. Depending on your accident and injuries, you may be able to seek compensation for future disability, pain and suffering, present and future medical bills, and lost wages among other things. A personal injury lawyer experienced in handling Texas auto accident cases can help you get the maximum compensation for your Texas car wreck.

If the accident was in or near Austin, Texas, your local lawyer will be able to investigate the accident and obtain evidence faster.

Help Your Case

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While you’re beginning to contact Austin car accident lawyers, you can do a few things to help your case.

  • Make a point to save and store all the documents you receive that pertain to your accident, injuries, and medical care. Things to keep include:
    • the accident report
    • photos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved
    • photos of your injuries
    • medical records
    • medical bills
    • auto repair receipts
    • notes about how your injuries make you feel and affect your ability to perform daily tasks.
  • Additionally, be sure to talk to your doctor about every aspect of your pain and injuries so that these will be included in your medical records.

Your Austin car accident lawyers will be able to use these important documents during the negotiations and potential trial of your case, depending on the action necessary to get you the fairest compensation.

Texas Auto Injury Law

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Practical Tip

Question to ask the insurance adjuster: If I give you a recorded statement, can I then get a recorded statement from you insured, i.e., the other driver?

Andrew Traub

As an auto accident attorney practicing in Austin, Texas for the last decade, I’ve had to help many people suffering through injuries, medical bills, lost income, and sometimes facing eviction and starvation because of how someone’s carelessness has now impacted their lives.

Unfortunately, auto accidents occur too often because someone was being needlessly careless – distracted by their phone or child, or another passenger. Sometimes it’s worse – the driver is drunk or intoxicated or texting or reading a book. Other times, the driver is simply in a hurry and doesn’t realize that a several hundred-pound chunks of steel moving at high velocity has substantial force – it’s simply mass times velocity equals force – and tragedy can occur.

Many crash victims, especially those with neck injuries, have lifelong problems while a few lucky ones heal after a few months. In every case, vigorous fighting for our clients is involved which means not only knowing the law and the facts but being able to counter the medical doctors the insurance companies hire to try to make you out as a “lottery winner,” and keeping the jury focused on the truths and not the insurance defense lawyer lies.

Insurance companies are only interested in one thing – their profits. They see you as someone trying to decrease their profits. They don’t care if you were injured or how it has affected your life. They only care how they can get away with not paying you or how little they must pay. They only pay what you make them pay. It’s a zero-sum game to them, meaning someone has to win and someone has to lose. They’ll put those billions of dollars of insured’s money to make sure they win and not you.

The law is supposed to be the great equalizer. The wealth of the insurance company or the poverty of the auto accident victim shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, the courts are no longer equal or fair to the injured party. Even with one of the best Austin car accident lawyers, you’ll face laws that were changed in the last ten years with one goal in mind, to decrease your compensation and increase the insurance company’s savings.

Here are just two examples:

1) Insurance companies have in-house attorneys with names like Susan Florence & Associates or The Law Office of Gregory V. DeBernard (formerly The Law Offices of Kelly O’Connor). Why don’t the attorneys say they work for Allstate or USAA? Because the jury never gets to find out that the defendant has insurance who will pay the judgment. You don’t get to sue the insurance company, only the person who was careless, and so the fact that insurance is available will be hidden from the jury. Why do insurance companies have in-house attorneys? To control costs. They pay them a fixed salary and don’t care if you file suit and go all the way to trial – the cost is the same to them.

2) You are better off having no insurance and arranging for funding for your treatment than if you have health insurance. Crazy but true. You would think the law would reward people for carrying health insurance and punish the person who carelessly hurt you. That used to be true, but not since 2003. Now, the careless person gets the discount your health insurance obtained for you – but in reality, the insurance company gets the benefit. This change alone has saved insurance companies billions of dollars.

How much do you charge for legal representation?

Our injury lawyers do not collect fees until we successfully resolve your case.

Retaining legal counsel with The Traub Law Office means there is no risk to you. Our injury attorneys work on contingency, meaning you will not pay any upfront costs or legal fees. If we successfully recover money for you, we will take our fees out of your settlement or judgment. You can also speak with your attorney about help with medical bills.


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