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Everything the Insurance Company Knows About Truth and Justice

Everything insuranc ecomp

Just released, this short guide let’s you in on how insurance companies think when it comes to truth and justice.  This guide is essential for anyone who wants to handle their accident claim on their own or even just good to read before you let the insurance company take your statement.

In the past, we’ve only given this guide out to people who contacted our offices for our other free accident reports, but now we’re giving it away to everyone because it’s just that important.

Practical Tip

You should be aware that the insurance companies who defend personal injury and accident cases know who the attorneys are in your area and which ones actually go into court to try cases and who do not. The insurance companies use that information to evaluate their risk. One of the first questions some insurance adjusters will ask when a serious claim comes in is: who is representing the plaintiff?  I’ve had insurance claims adjusters make jokes of some of the attorneys who claim to be tough in their TV commercials, yet never take a case to court.  Be very, very wary of hiring a lawyer who advertises on TV.

Andrew Traub

Here’s your copy of “Everything the Insurance Company Knows About Truth and Justice:”

Everything the Insurance Company Knows About Truth and Justice

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