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Should I Contact an Attorney if I am in a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, the realities of life are that we all have either been in a car accident or know someone who has been in a car accident.  Once an injury accident has occurred, people wonder whether or not they should get a lawyer involved.

Why People Don’t Contact an Attorney

Three reasons people may not want to contact a lawyer are:

  1. They think it is greedy to hire a lawyer,
  2. They are afraid of filing a law suit and going to trial, or
  3. They think they can do just as good a job as an attorney
Practical Tip

Watch out for the adjuster who befriends you, shows up at your house and promises to pay your future medical bills.  This is a tactic to stop you from hiring a lawyer.  (Believe me, they won’t come around to your house once you have a lawyer.)  Those future medical bills?  Well, they’ll pay them until their computer says “too much, too much, this claim is costing us too much.”

Andrew Traub

You might think it is greedy to hire a lawyer.  Let’s say you hit someone in your car. If  you had a ton of cash to pay for their medical treatments, wouldn’t you want to do that?  I sure hope so.  Most of us do not have those kind of resources and that is why we pay for insurance.  We spend a lifetime paying for insurance just in case we suffer a loss or cause a loss to someone else.  If we never make a claim, then we are paying for nothing.  We pay those premiums so that if we suffer a loss or cause a loss to someone else, then we can take care of it.  If you would like your insurance to fix the problems you cause, then don’t you think that if someone caused an accident and you were injured, they would want to help you get back to full health too?  It’s not greedy to want your medical bills paid for the past and future, your lost wages paid for the past and future, and to be compensated for the loss of your health.

Are you afraid of filing suit and going to trial?  Well, do not be afraid.  I know a lawsuit and trial sounds like a very scary process, but put your fears to rest.  When you hire an injury lawyer, they will handle all the details and walk you through each and every step of the litigation process.  The main thing you have to worry about is recovering your health by seeking treatment with the help of good health professionals.  As your attorneys, we handle the scary stuff and try to minimize what you have to go through.

So you think you can do a better job on your own rather than with the help of an injury lawyer?  Do you think that a lawyer can walk into your place of work and try to do your job that you do every single day better than you?  Even with the most capable person, I highly doubt it.  The reverse is also true.  You would not be able to get the maximum fair amount for a bodily injury claim after an accident as a professional would.  Someone who does this every single day, all day, has a huge advantage over you.  Plus, do not forget that an attorney has spent seven years in formal education, spent hundreds of hours studying for a three day exam that tests his or her knowledge and understanding of the law.  This is all before an attorney can even start their career.  Then they also have the yearly required continuing education classes that they take.  Do you still feel confident that you can represent yourself better than a lawyer?  Do you have access to research on case verdicts?  Do you know the law?  Have you tried a case?  Do you know the rules of procedure?  Of evidence?  How to get evidence before a jury?  How to evaluate the value of your claim?  I seriously doubt it.

The more serious your claim is, the more you will be extremely glad that you had an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.  Call an accident attorney today at (512) 246-9191.

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