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How Do I Avoid a Truck Wreck?

A Texas truck accident attorney can represent you if you’re injured because of negligent driving on the part of a big rig driver. The best thing you can do, however, is to avoid being involved in one of these crashes in the first place. Because of the incredible mass of these vehicles, they are uniquely deadly threats on the road and, likely, anybody who is involved in a passenger car and big rig crash is going to be injured, if not killed.

Seeing the Signs

One of the things you want to watch out for is when their trailers start swaying from side to side. This is a sign that the rig may be headed for a jackknife accident, which occurs when the trailer passes the front of the vehicle, the trailer and front fold together and the driver completely loses control of the vehicle. Anyone in the path of a big rig that is in the process of having a jackknife accident stands little chance of escaping unscathed.

Practical Tip

Question to ask the insurance adjuster: If you are claiming that my medial treatment is excessive or unreasonable, will you pay my doctor to write a detailed report explaining why my treatment has been appropriate and related to the accident?

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Simply because of physics, a big rig has to make a wide right turn compared to a passenger vehicle. Oftentimes, when they’re in the cities, the drivers will occupy two lanes to make sure that other drivers cannot get alongside them. Don’t slip into any open spaces on the right side of a semi that has its right signal on. When they make the turn, the trailer will close in on the side of the road and anything caught in the gap will likely be crushed. These types of accidents are some of the most common that involve semi trucks.

Contacting a Lawyer

Make sure you call a car accident lawyer if you are injured by a big rig. There are some occasions when the trucking company will attempt to present you with a settlement check to avoid being sued. In most cases, this is because they know you would be likely to get a lot more money if you did press a lawsuit or, at least, if you had an attorney on your side to negotiate for you. Don’t accept a check without consulting with a qualified attorney first. If you don’t, you may end up paying a lot of the expenses of the accident out of your pocket.

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