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Doctor Denies Health Insurance After Accident

Yesterday a new client called me.  After being hit from behind on the freeway on the weekend, he was in severe pain and went to see his family doctor.

The doctor he had always gone to when something was wrong.  The doctor who knew him.  The doctor who took his health insurance.

The doctor who, as soon as he found out the injuries were from an auto accident, told him he had to pay cash.

Practical Tip

Myth: The insurance company for the person who hit you is obligated to pay your medical bills as they become due.

Andrew Traub

I told my client to file a complaint with his insurance company (because the contract between the doctor and insurance company should specify that the doctor cannot refuse service to an insured).

Now my client may be looking for a new family doctor.

I have another client who has health insurance.  The doctors treated him, but when his health insurance found out he was injured in an accident, they refused to pay.  Now he has collection companies calling him (he should have let me deal with his insurance company).

What is the state of our nation’s health care when doctors won’t accept insurance or the health insurers won’t pay when someone is injured in an accident – the time when they are most in need of help?

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