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Dallas Starts Towing Uninsured Vehicles

The City of Dallas has begun in earnest with the new policy of towing the vehicles of uninsured motorists. I hope the Austin Police copy this tactic and that word spreads quickly and greatly reduces the number of drivers who don’t carry the mandatory auto liability coverage. This would be a great benefit to our personal injury clients, and to motorists in general. On New Year’s Day Dallas police towed 20 vehicles.

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Andrew Traub

I’ve written many times about the problems Texas has with uninsured motorists. More than 25% of Texas drivers have no auto insurance, even though it’s required by state law. This new policy of towing uninsured cars will disproportionately affect poor people, who find it harder to afford insurance. But the law is the law – even poor people are required to carry insurance, and poverty is not a good excuse to drive uninsured.

If you drive in Dallas and you either haven’t bought insurance or you have let your insurance lapse, you better take care of that soon or you could be facing very expensive costs to get your car out of the pound.

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